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Domagoj Peharda

Keep it in the fridge!
I do, and it keeps for a week, no problem!

Ingrid Gordon

Thank you Domagoi!

I've never been a "put the bread in the refrigerator" people, but... it's come to this! LOL


:) As someone buying and then composting the bread, I just had to come see your take on it. (Sent over from marksdailyapple.)

Glad I'm not alone. And I don't know what to do about it either.

Alison Golden

LOL! I have done the 'phase' thing too. 6 months now on Paleo and slooooowly I'm moving the family over. Dinner is primal, breakfast now and again, it's lunch that is the problem. What do you give them for lunch that doesn't involve bread? Do tell.

PS: I store the bread in the freezer and bring it out a slice at a time...

Suburban Mystic Mom

Bullwinkle: LOL! My compost is full too!

Alison: Usually I break out veggies for lunch. I'll have carrots (and very non-primal hummus), beets with the cooked greens, coleslaw with raisons, etc. Or, I will make eggs with mushrooms. Left over roast chicken is good. A Big A$$ Salad. Whatever's in the fridge that we feel like.

I have older kids, and I wouldn't dare tell them what to eat, but I've noticed that they usually figure out what they're eating.


I'm just making the switch myself and I think my kids have completely figured out what I'm doing, but like you, I'm not willing to make them jump on the bandwagon until I've completely/comfortably/sustainably switched myself. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Suburban Mystic Mom

It's hard to be "All or Nothing", especially in the beginning of Primal Eating. Not to mention taking other people with you!

It's like junk food. I don't eat it myself, but there will be a revolt if I don't have some in the house after shopping!

It helps The Cause that I only go to the store twice a week.

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